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nissan_pulsar_01_3-4_av32.jpgIt's been an incredible year for Nissan so far with new iterations of the popular Qashqai and Juke hitting the British market, confirming the brand as one of the country's most popular makes of cars.
But why stop there? With the SUV and mini-SUV sectors already tied up with what are clear market leaders, how about taking aim at the family hatchback market?
And that's exactly what's happening with the new Nissan Pulsar.
Recognising that despite their success in the SUV market, Britain remains a traditional nation of motorists who still aren't quite ready to give up their traditional family estate. So that's why Nissan took it’s experience with the Qashqai and Juke and gave it to the newly updated Pulsar.
Nissan's press room says the new Pulsar is "Spacious, stylish and packed with technology... bringing Nissan's passion for innovation and design flair to an even bigger audience". Starting from £15,995 OTR, the Pulsar "offers industry-leading comfort and technology features as standard". So far, so good, but what does that mean in the hands of the motor press?
In a four-star review Auto Express are enthused by the size of the Pulsar. "It's smack in the middle of Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra sizes, but much more spacious inside," says Steve Fowler. 
The Pulsar exists, Auto Express says, to address a gaping hole in Nissan's product line – families looking to downsize their car because children fly the nest find there isn't an equivalent Nissan car for them, and end up buying from a rival. It is, then, a pretty successful attempt to hold on to loyal customers.
Top Gear makes comparisons to its direct competitor, the mega-selling Ford Focus, and Nissan hopes that it offers far better value that its rival. 
In fact Top Gear says hopes lie in the enormous legroom, its quiet and comfortable ride and the incredible level of driver technology. Insurance is made cheaper with radar-triggered braking, sat nav, lane-departure warning and a blind-spot warning. 
It's a bold step into a market once occupied by the old Almera, but one that should be welcomed by Nissan fans everywhere.