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Kawasaki hits the ground running next year with the superb new Vulcan S machine.

It's more bat-bike than traditional machine, and has looks that will astound you. The all-black model actually left our features writer lost for words, and checking his bank balance to see if he could afford one (Answer: Yes).

Kawasaki boast that the Vulcan S isn't your traditional cruiser, and takes a more innovative and fashionable approach to design which gives it "a contemporary urban personality". While that's just press-release speak, the proof is in actually seeing it, and "contemporary urban personality" actually means beautiful curves, five-spoked wheels and the parallel twin 649cc engine retuned and re-tweaked from its Versys original.

A lower seat makes this an ideal bike for any size of rider, male or female. It also makes city riding much easier for a larger bike, as ground reach is that much more convenient. A long wheel base and low centre of gravity make it a good, stable ride that is great for highway cruising. Due for an official unveiling in mid-November, the Vulcan S should be available soon after, starting the new year with a bang.

Kawasaki's 2015 line also includes two new Versys models – the 650 and the 1000. Both come with new styling and touring set-ups that will please Kawasaki fans.
Which leaves us with the brand's big new announcement:
Another model unveiled at the Intermot show, the Ninja comes with 50 horsepower more than a Moto GP bike. To say it created a stir is an understatement – Kawasaki's own announcement has a ring of truth about it – "It even looks fast standing still".

The Ninja H2R is certainly going to turn heads once it hits British roads. Like the Vulcan, it's an incredibly beautiful machine, all new technology, front wings, and titanium exhaust.

While the price remains under wraps, we do know that it is being touted as "not a standard purchase for any customer". Hand built for motorcycle enthusiasts, this will be the bike of a lifetime.

Kawasaki tell us that production will be limited, and buyers are advised to lay down a deposit to secure their machine. Speak to us now to register an interest.