There are exciting times ahead for us at Colin Appleyard and fans of Kawasaki’s gorgeous machines; despite launching an extensive range at this year’s Intermot show, the Japanese marque just unveiled six new bikes for 2015, to fit in across their already impressive range. 

There’s the wild little Z300, the brother to the popular Ninja 300, an entry-level bike sporting a stripped down, aggressive design. We think you’re going to be seeing quite a lot of these on the roads over the coming year. Alongside the Z300, there are two new 250CC models in the shape of the Z250SL and Ninja 250SL; two super light bikes with weights of just 151kgs and 148kgs respectively. And those are “wet” weights! Impressive stuff! These are going to be ideal for the first time taste of a Kawasaki. 

For more long distance comfort, Kawasaki announced an update to the 1400GTR. The new 1400GTR will feature a redesigned chassis with a more comfortable seat and pillion, as well as a new screen that’s been designed to improve air-flow over the rider. If it’s good enough for police forces throughout Europe, then it’ll be good enough for our discerning customers. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the breathtaking new Ninja H2 and H2Rs. The H2R track-only model was recently revealed to a flurry of camera flashes from an excited press, but now the H2 road going model has been announced, and its beauty belies its power. These bikes feature unrivalled performance, with a power figure of 200PS for the H2 and an incredible 310PS for the H2R. Both bikes will be hand built by Kawasaki’s expert craftsmen, with no compromises. None of us here at Colin Appleyard can wait to get our hands on these bikes to put them through their paces. 


Of course, all of these exciting new machines will be available from your nearest Colin Appleyard dealership in the coming year, so why not pop in and book a test ride?