Well this is a rum old do isn’t it?! We all love riding bikes and watching the racing but we’ve suddenly just got to make do with silence and our own company.

About now we’d have been a few rounds of World Superbikes in after an epic opener in Philip Island and be enjoying round one of BSB at Silverstone…. but it’s all turned out very differently!

I live on an airfield so it’s about as remote as you can get, so I feel blessed for that if I’m honest and I really, really feel for people in big towns and cities. I’ve been clapping and whistling each week for the key workers but I’m all on my own so it’s a bit weird!

Each morning I get out at about 6 o’clock on the mountain bike which is brilliant and clears my head for the day and I hear about a lot of folk doing similar.

We’re doing some video blogs for Eurosport to keep the fans amused so that’s cool and what’s been really good fun is the old ‘Trackanory’ videos we’ve been doing on Twitter. Not sure if you’ve seen but basically Rob Mac started ‘em off and now me, Steve Plater, Steve Parrish and James Hayden have all started doing a year each day. I only worry we’re gonna run out of years and we’ll still have weeks of being bored in lockdown to go! Have a watch of one below.

My mate left his Gas Gas trials bike with me, so I rolled up my sleeves and overhauled the engine, including the main bearings and seals, it’s good to keep yer hand in. I love my trials, it must be a Yorkshire thing, and I have a Bantam Pre 65 trials bike which I’m slowly working on and have converted it to a right hand foot brake, it’s very disconcerting otherwise! I even rode it a bit on the airfield, gently pootling around but even then I felt nervous about becoming an NHS burden, so it’ll have to wait till this thing is over.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a project bike but my latest machine, a Rickman Metisse (Triumph 650 engine) gets a bit of TLC. It has Grimeca hubs and is mint. Now I have plenty of time I’m also going to take off the exhausts off my TZ750 and spend a bit of time on it. The longer this goes, I’m looking longingly at my ex-World Supersport Belgarda Yamaha YZF-R6… now that’ll be a project!

Stay safe folks, Whit