As motorcycle enthusiasts and specialists for over 45 years, we’re passionate about our bikes and like to pass our knowledge to our customers. One thing that has worked the other way has been listening to our customers about their favourite rides, along with the experience of our own staff members.

We have some great roads near us. Many others are worth the ride and are a great way to explore the British Isles by finding great riding destinations and hang outs. Clearly if you have a Honda Goldwing, Honda Varadero or Yamaha YZF-R1 each route will be taken at a different pace but enjoyable on all of them!

So after much discussion, we present the Colin Appleyard guide to the best motorcycle routes in the UK. If you can suggest other routes visit our Page on Facebook and tell us your favourites.

1) The North Coast 500, Scotland

Becoming more popular - but still unlikely to ever get ‘busy’ - the North Coast 500 should be on every biking bucket list.

It was created in 2014 and runs for 516-miles, navigating the Scottish coast. A modern adventure bike such as a Kawasaki Versys or a super tourer such as a Yamaha FJR1300 would be the ideal mount for this, comfortable enough to enjoy the spectacular views over the Highlands.

The official route starts and ends at Inverness Castle, taking in Ullapool, Durness, John O’Groats, Dornoch and Inverness itself. The North Coast 500 website even has a ready-made ‘Motorcyclist’s Itinerary’ with an eight-day schedule, so what are you waiting for?

2) The Cat and Fiddle: A537 Buxton to Macclesfield

One of the most famous biking roads in the UK, this 11km stretch of road winds through the stunning surroundings of the Peak District and is a must for motorcycling enthusiasts. While it's not one of the fastest roads to take your motorcycle on, with a speed limit of 50mph, it is one of the most spectacular and enjoyable.

High above the surrounding countryside, the ride provides fantastic views across the beautiful Peak District and is a very popular route with motorcyclists across the UK. Keep an eye out for a few sharp corners, and possibly a few sheep too! On any given Sunday this route is teeming with Yamaha YZF-R1, Kawasaki ZX-10R and Suzuki GSX-R1000 pilots, re-enacting the Isle of Man TT.

3) A39, Minehead to Barnstaple, Somerset/Devon

As a long, key route the A39 connects Bath with Falmouth but the best bit is the fantastic stretch of road between Minehead and Barnstaple. It starts off reasonably sedate with good visibility, sweeping bends and plenty of opportunities to pass slow moving caravans.

Things start to get really interesting near the village of Porlock. A red gradient sign warns of an impending 1:4 hill which leads into a stunning ride over Exmoor. Later you drop down Countisbury Hill and into Lynmouth.

4) Hardknott Pass, Lake District

As one of the most challenging, and most rewarding motorcycle routes in the UK, Hardknott Pass is perfect for experienced riders who are looking for an extra challenge.

The route boasts a daunting 1:3 gradient, making it one of the steepest roads in Great Britain peaking at 1,291 feet. If you want to wind your way through the Lake District on a single-track road, the Hardknott Pass could provide you with the perfect escape you are looking for. Winding through the Lake District past Eskdale and the Duddon Valley, this route also offer bikers the opportunity to take the Wrynose Pass to Ambleside.

5) The Antrim Coast Road: A2, Northern Ireland

One of the most bike-friendly routes in the UK.

Riding along the Antrim Coast Road gives bikers the perfect opportunity to cruise by the sea all the way up to the iconic Giant’s Causeway. There are plenty of fishing villages on the way too, so there’s the opportunity to hop off your bike and explore the local area on foot away from the hustle and bustle of larger metropolitan areas.

The legendary North West 200 is also staged in the area, so it’s a good place for bikers to experience riding on roads which are used by professional racers.

Let us know your routes to add and remember - get prepared with appropriate kit, luggage and spares with us before you go!