There's nothing like riding a motorcycle down a scenic road on a beautiful day. Motorcycles are fun to ride, but they have other advantages as well: they are generally cheaper to buy than cars and require less fuel to run. As a result, drivers who are after chic, cheap, fuel-efficient vehicles often turn to these two-wheeled wonders.

If you're thinking about become a motorcycle rider, then there are a few things you need to consider - one of these will be your choice of bike. Unlike with a car, learning to ride a motorcycle is a solo affair and you can ride a motorcycle with no supervision on a learner license (once you've passed your CBT).

However, safety regulations require new motorcyclists to ride learner bikes, which are smaller and slower than other models. This doesn't mean they are any less fun however, so read on to discover what bikes we have available for the learner rider.

Yamaha YZF-R125


A steel frame, smooth ride, and sharper looks make the Yamaha YZF-R125 a customer favorite. It is faster than most of its competitors, and has controlled damping for a fluid feel, even on rough terrain.

The seat is higher than those of other comparable models, so this Yamaha learner bike may suit taller riders over others.

The Yamaha YZF-R125 is currently available with 0% APR representative finance.

Yamaha MT-125

The Yamaha MT-125 has got a really nice character for a 125, and packs a whole lot of attitude despite being the baby of the MT range.


The six-speed gearbox is smooth and allows you to reach the national speed limit easily, making country roads a pleasure. It’s a punchy engine with power throughout the revs, and unlike a lot of 125s, you don’t always have to change down to get that lower end torque for safer overtakes.

Whether you’ve just got your A1 licence, are looking for a weekend toy or are after an economical way to get to work, then the MT-125 could be a good choice for you. It’s a friendly bike that inspires confidence so would suit beginners.

Yamaha YBR 125

The Yamaha YBR125 is a great learner and commuter bike. Handling is comfortable and great for learning.


Quick at low speeds and will ride comfortably on a straight road at higher speeds. It's also a lot of fun to ride, because of its ease and smoothness.

The YBR125 is cheap to buy, cheap to insure and fuel efficient.

Yamaha YS125

The new Yamaha YS125 is designed to be the best commuter bike, offering a comfortable, stylish and attractive package.


Dependability, affordability and low running costs are at the top of the 'must have' list for riders, and the YS125's newly designed 125cc, EU4 compliant engine is one of the most reliable and economical designs in its class.

Riders who may be coming to two wheels for the first time - as well as those trading up from a 50cc scooter or a budget 125 motorcycle - can be confident that the YS125's class-leading reliability and easy handling characteristics make it the smart choice.

Suzuki GSXR-125

The Suzuki GSXR-125 learner bike tops the class when it comes to acceleration, posting a better power to weight ratio than all of it’s rivals.


This bike gives you the option to ride freely with high specification that includes a convenient Key-Less Ignition System with Answer-Back Function, where you can start the engine as long as the compact key is close enough to the motorcycle. No more fumbling to retrieve the compact key from your pocket! A button on the remote control activates an answer-back function, causing the turn signals to flash and making it easier to find the GSX-R125. The bike also features ABS brakes.

Suzuki GSX-S125

The Suzuki GSX-S125 is an agile city bike that provides plenty of fun for A1 licence holders.


With it’s low and narrow seat, the GSX-S125 is very manageable for shorter and beginner riders, while the raised bars give it a more relaxed and upright riding position.

The bike also features some of Suzuki's most advanced rider technology, including a shutter-key lock system and Suzuki Easy Start System. For rush hour traffic there is a 40-degree steering angle on the bike handles which contribute to a tight turning circle and good manoeuvrability.

Suzuki VanVan 125

The Suzuki VanVan 125 is a simple, practical and reliable motorcycle designed with versatility in mind. It features a retro style that gives it a unique look and a nod back to old school motorcycles.

It is a 125cc, four stroke engine that is paired with a six speed constant mesh transmission.

The VanVan has a wide and spacious seat with low ride height, lightweight handling and plenty of room - not to mention great economy. It is a practical runabout, which also happens to be pretty cool and funky.

Motorcycles Vs. Scooters

Have you considered a scooter over a motorcycle? There are practical advantages to both, and usually customers know what they are looking for when they come into our showroom, but just in case you can't decide, here are some advantages and the best uses for both of them.


Motorcycles are better for covering distance. You can safely skip traffic, travel at speed and get to speed quicker. They are more stable at higher speeds as they have larger wheels and weight more than scooters. So if you are looking to travel distances, a motorcycle would be a lot more efficient than a scooter for you.

Scooters also have a more upright position. Some people feel more comfortable on this, however others prefer how you sit on a motorcycle. Although this does come down to personal preference.


Most people will tell you that the main advantage of a scooter is the price. Scooters are generally cheaper to buy new than motorcycles.

MPG is also generally better with a scooter than a motorcycles - with some models getting up to 100mpg. This will also save you money in the long run.

You can carry more luggage with a scooter, especially if you have a rack or a top box. The under seat storage is also a lot bigger than on a motorcycle. As such, scooters are a lot more efficient when travelling around city and towns with luggage to carry. You can do your shopping or go to work on them as it is more practical to wear smarter clothes on a scooter than a motorcycle.

Scooters are incredibly easy to ride without a clutch or any gears. They are easy to learn to ride, and on some of the smaller models you can ride it with a car license.

If in doubt, why not come along to our showroom and see our range of scooters and motorcycles? We'll be happy to help! Alternatively, click here to view our entire motorcycle range.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you're looking for advice on (CBT) compulsory basic training or motorcycle training, look no further. We have loads of experience with advising people on how to get onto a scooter or motorcycle for the very first time, as well as with sourcing excellent advanced riding training in the area.

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