The appeal of the classic bike is undeniable. Classic looks and simple technology with few bells and whistles: back to basics. The reality however, is one likely to encompass hours of painstaking work in the garage and a draining bank balance to keep it running. Some like the challenge of restoring an old classic, but many prefer the look and feel of a retro bike without the hassle of worrying if it will make it from A to B. It's no wonder then that retro-styled motorcycles have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. There's no shortage of options either, so if vintage is your thing, read on!

Yamaha XSR700 & XSR900

The Yamaha XSR700 and XSR900 prove that you don't need to sacrifice performance for looks, and visa versa. These retro looking machines are a nod to Yamaha's rich heritage by mixing cutting edge technology with timeless, classic looks.


The XSR700 is built for optimum riding enjoyment, featuring a 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine with Yamaha's special 'crossplane philosophy' enabling it to develop linear torque for outstanding acceleration. Styling is enhanced in the form of a vintage inspired headlight and rear light unit, plus a two-texture leather seat.

The XSR900 features the latest in-line, 3-cylinder, 850cc, CP3 Crossplane Concept engine which delivers outstanding torque and acceleration. The bike is easy to customise so you can make it your own.

Mutt 125cc Motorcycle Range

The Mutt Motorcycle range is a relatively new franchise to Colin Appleyard but have proved popular and it's easy to see why thanks to their combination of great looks and an affordable price tag.


Mutt Motorcycles state "We love old motorcycles", and you only have to glance at their new bike range to see how true this is. Mutt bikes are hand finished and prepared in Birmingham, right here in the UK and their line-up includes the Mongrel, Mushman and Desert Racer.

The Mushman is a limited edition bike, heavily influenced by Harvey Mushman's own racing Triumph! You do know who Harvey Mushman was, right?

Yamaha XV950R

The Yamaha XV950R is a bobber that encapsulates the character and personality of those original backstreet creations.


Compact and stylish with a low seat height, it delivers a sporty ride whilst retaining its unique, retro character.

Powered by an air-cooled 60-degree SOHC V-twin engine, the XV950R provides fantastic, spirited performance in a relaxed looking package.

The XV950 Racer version comes with signature graphics, café racer cowling and clip-on handlebars.

Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen & Svartpilen

Not yet released, but proving that the retro motorcycle market is very much growing and Husqvarna were not going to be left behind, here is the Vitpilen and Svartpilen. Husqvarna is a name very well associated with the off-road motorcycle world, but the new models are a further foray into road biking for the manufacturer.


The 2018 Vitpilen 401, designed to disprove stereotypes, brings a fresh and simple new approach to the world of motorcycling. Husqvarna have stripped away all the unnecessary, leaving behind something subtle, style-focused with a thrilling ride.

The 401 Svartpilen is based on the iconic Husqvarna Silverpilen from the 1950s. The Svartpilen is a modern interpretation of the compact functionality and authentic riding approach of the vintage model, designed to offer a simple way for potential riders to experience urban motorcycling.

Yamaha SCR950

Another Yamaha on our list, this time inspired by the street scramblers of the 1960s; the SCR950 blends authentic design with modern technology. The bike features retro graphics and vintage number plate style side panels combined with those telltale spoked wheels.


Powered by an air-cooled, 942cc, 60-degree, V-twin engine - there's no shortage of power, and this retro-styled bike is capable of handling everything from city streets to unpaved trails. Are you returning to riding or trading up from a smaller bike? Then the SCR950's rugged good looks, natural riding position and timeless style will be hard to resist.