Like kids at Christmas, us bikers love the excitement of all the new models being launched at the EICMA Show and this year did not disappoint! There was a lot going on and a flurry of announcements; so here’s some of our highlights from Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha…

Husky go full Adventure!

Our (many!) Enduro customers will be drooling over the TE 300i JARVIS EDITION, a stunning looking tribute to the veteran of Hard Enduro, Mr Graham Jarvis. This black framed, Rockstar Energy bedecked 2-stroke race rep is ‘trick as’ and features electronic fuel injection, a smooth power delivery and a chassis ready for the most brutal terrain!

The 74hp 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO models now feature the latest cutting-edge electronic rider aids. Cornering ABS, lean angle sensitive traction control, ride modes and easy shift give incredible amounts of ride safety matched to the highest performance. A brand new model, the 701 ENDURO LR (Long Range) shares the same advanced electronics as the 701 ENDURO but with an additional 12-litre auxiliary fuel tank increasing the total fuel capacity to 25 litres.

The Husqvarna Norden 901 Concept looks ready to cross continents in style but we’ll have to wait to see if a production model arrives.

Updates to the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401 mean the bikes get an extended subframe for improved pillion comfort – along with new graphics, trim and paint finishes. The larger capacity Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701 machines have revised styling and designs.

Kawasaki supercharge their model line-up!

It seemed like the Supercharged Kawasaki Z H2 (launched at the Tokyo Motorcyle Show- see full info HERE ) would be the biggest news from Team Green BUT there was more…!

First in a quite jaw-dropping moment Kawasaki announced the partnership with Italian exotica brand Bimota and unveiled their first co-operation model; the Tesi H2. The awesome looking machine features a typical Bimota style hub-centre front end, powered by a bonkers Kawasaki H2 Supercharged motor!

Already released but sure to be one of the UK’s most popular All-Rounders, the full detail of the Ninja 650 can be found HERE

The renamed Ninja 100SX gets a neater, lighter, single end can, an up-and-down quickshifter, new LED lights, cruise control and cool new colour TFT dash.

The naked Z900 has also been revised for 2020 with a stiffer chassis, improved suspension settings and strengthening around the swingarm pivot. A new front nose cone and LED headlight give a cool new look, alongside reshaped side panels. Four riding modes – sport, road, rain and rider-adaptable can be fine tuned with three stage traction control all via a 4.3in TFT screen. Similar changes have been made to the Z650 and a new model in the W retro range, the W800 standard has been rolled out.

Suzuki go radical with V-Strom!

Suzuki have fully-updated their popular Adventure ready Suzuki V-Strom 1050 and added an 1050 XT model. There is also a new flagship for 2020; the V-Strom 1050XT Adventure gets you detachable, lockable aluminium panniers, plus heated grips.

The bikes get a power hike up to 106 bhp but the way they deliver it is more sophisticated via a new electronics package. The higher-spec XT model, distinguished by its wire wheels, , also gains Cornering ABS and traction control, a hill-hold system and a combined braking system that alters its responses depending on a variety of conditions including slopes and load levels

Styled on the DR Big Dakar machines of the 80’s the swooping beak front is certainly aggressive and al lot of Adventure riders will be looking at this no doubt cost effective machine. The XT version’s seat is also adjustable from 850-870mm.

Yamaha Tracer set to Stun!

One of the most important 2020 model changes is the heavily revised Yamaha Tracer 700. Important as this is an affordable do-it-all middleweight which has now been made more desirable. Coming in at 196kg, this machine remains one of the most nimble in its class, with an all new front end, aggressively restyled with R1-esque twin headlights. Sleek wind-deflecting handguards incorporate the front indicators and the fairing and screen should give better weather protection.

Already launched, the MT-125 and MT-03 models have a wide array of chassis and engine mods to make these the most desirable of all the restricted licence machines.

Yamaha also launched their sportiest-ever Maxi-scooter as the TMAX 560 goes up 30cc with more power and torque, plus cool new styling and tweaked suspension for a more engaging riding experience.