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Oset Oset 20.0" Eco Electric Kids Trials Bike

The 20.0 has been a hit from the start, with riders amazed by it's incredible power and adults often finding the 'fun factor' too much to resist! It's an incredibly capable machine, and significantly improved for 2015.

The OSET 20.0 has been a world wide hit since its introduction in late 2012. It is suited to riders from 8-12, but many adults are having fun on the bike too!! It's power has always been the main talking point, with a huge amount on tap. For 2015, the 20.0 has received a number of great improvements.

Aesthetically, the 20.0 now features 'infill' panels protecting the bike from the elements and giving an all new look. The key switch has been moved to the all new 'tank' area, featuring cable guides to tidy the throttle and brake lines. A new cover hidden behind the infill panels protects the controller and provides more space for wiring, and therefore allows more room for uncluttered control dials under the rubber bung in the 'tank'.

The new 3 dial controller really helps achieve the ideal settings for each rider. The power dial can take the actual power output anywhere from very gentle to very aggressive. The new speed dial allows raw beginners to ride at safe and controllable speeds. The response dial gives additional control over the 'ramp' of the throttle.

Suspension spring rates have been revised for 2015, with a full range of inexpensive aftermarket springs available to further adjust for personal preferences. New OSET rubber grips and handlebars, revised wiring, new weather resistant connectors, Yuasa batteries, a new battery holding system... OSET have not been resting! This bike has 'evolved' in many respects and is a fully competitive and fun machine straight out of the box.


  • Racing bikes now have the front frame section now painted OSET red.
  • Rear Splash guard to keep the muck out.
  • Foot peg brackets made stronger.
  • Rim stickers included with bike (option to fit them or leave them off).
  • Potentiometer sticker to easily identify each dial.
  • Potentiometer knobs make setting the bike up easier.
  • Steering stop made stronger.



  • Wheelbase: 1007mm
  • Seat Unit: 570mm
  • Weight: 35Kg
  • Age Range: 8-12 Years
  • Power: 1200w 48v
  • Brakes: Hydraulic

Category: Vehicles & Parts Product #: 28661854 1,899.00 Colin Appleyard Used In stock